Brand new, state of the art Batting Cages!

$3.00 per game, 15 pitches per game

$30 for 15 games


We have five baseball cages. The speeds are as follows:

Baseball Select-A-Pitch: You choose the speed and height of the pitch. 40-70mph

Baseball Slow: 35mph - comparable with little league coach pitch

Baseball Medium: 45mph

Baseball Fast: 70mph


We have five softball cages. The speeds are as follows:

Softball Slow: ~24mph - comparable to adult/ church league underhand pitch

Softball Medium: 40mph - Girls fast pitch

Softball Fast: 55 - 60mph - High School fast pitch

Cage Rental

If you would like to schedule a time for individual or team Batting Cage practice (or to schedule practice outside our normal hours) please call Dan at 724-972-3045.

Rates for Cage Rentals are:

30 Minutes: $40.00 per cage

60 Minutes: $75.00 per cage

On average, if you rotate batters efficiently between games, you can play 17 games in 30 minutes in one cage. Call Dan for all the information about renting a cage(s) for your team.

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