Go Kart Pricing

Minutes Single Kart Double Kart Pro-Kart
5 Min $6.75 $7.75 $8.25
10 Min $12.75 $14.75 $15.75
15 Min $18.75 $21.25 $22.75
10 Pack $60.00 $70.00 $70.00


What is a 10-pack?

A 10-pack is a package of 10, 5-minute rides. It can be split between up to 10 people. Each individual ride within the 10-pack can be upgraded to a Pro or Double for an additional $1.00 each upgrade.


Miniature Golf

$8.00 / 18 holes

$5.00 for children 5 and under.


Batting Cages

$2.50 per game. Each game is 15 pitches.


Double Discount Special

Available to everyone at all times:

Two rounds of miniature golf and Two 5 Minute Go-Kart rides (usually used for 2 people to do one each)

$25.00 Two 5-minute Single Karts and two rounds of Mini Golf

$28.00 Two 5-minute Pro-Karts (Valid drivers license required) and two rounds of Mini Golf

$28.00 Two 5-minute Double-Karts (Must be 18 years old to drive) and two rounds of Mini Golf




Call us at:

Phone: 724-539-7655.

The Arcade is at extension 102.

To Schedule a party, call Daniel Statler at 724-972-3045

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